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  • Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 09:31:37 -0300

        Some President/CEO sucks !!

        Well, yet sending to a DL you can go to DL Properties, Advanced and
check 'Hide Membership from Address Book'. At that way, even though the
destination message is a DL, users will not be able to see the its members.

        Or, he can send a message to each user, because I am assuming he
doesnt have too many things to do.


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Yes, my question is how can I do this without using BCC field.  We have
distribution list which contain all employee.  When I send mail to them, I
choose this DL in GAL, and I want every recipient only see his/her name.
Any help is appreciate.

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From: Lee Swanson [mailto:swanson@xxxxxxxxxx]
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Use the Bcc: field..

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Subject: [exchangelist] Information about send mail

> Dear all,
> I have a request from our President/CEO, he need to send ONE message to a
> list of people but he want that the recipient can see only his name and
> not the other names of the list, is there a way to do it? (do not use bcc)
> Thanks a lot!
> Grace

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