IM configuration ???

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  • Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 01:42:01 -0800

I have a W2K (SP2) dual home machine as a single server on a small LAN. This
machine is also an Xchg2k (SP2) +  Web server with one static public IP and
one assigned, registered domain name (e.g. Since I have to
provide I-net access to users, I'm using ISA server for web sharing and

I'm trying to configure an externally accessible IM server but have several
questions on which I was unable to find answers anywhere.

1. Since it is supposed to be a routed environment, ISA make me change the
Default web site (DWS) port from 80 to 81 etc. MS TechNet says that IM works
only with port 80. ??
2. It, also, says that a dedicated web site (s) may be created for use with
IM server (s). How this can be done and how can I create several IM virtual
severs, if, again, IM use only port 80 and every other Web server would
require a different port? When creating an IM virtual server (in the
Exchange System Manager), I have to change, temporarily, the port value from
81 back to 80, in the IIS' DWS. Otherwise I'm getting a message that there
is "no web site available".
3. TechNet says that when creating an IM virtual server, a FQDN should be
entered as the DNS name. IM virtual server wizard finds a host name only,
while I understand that a FQDN is supposed to look like:
"" The, also, suggests to use
"" and to create a DNS record for it. Where is the issue?
4. Some sources say that "" has to be created for IM routers
only. Should I create it in the environment I have? If, yes. has it to be
registered with ISP's NSs or not?
5. DNS. Should I assign, on my internal DNS, an external or internal IP for
the IM "A" record? Should I change port # for the _rvp service location
record, since  the DWS port is changed to 81? Should I create
"ï" zone or not, in my environment? etc, etc.

I would appreciate your advice on the most suitable configuration. Thanks.

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