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Your current group structure is

"Info Management Administrators Security (no email)" member of "Info
Management Test (email enabled)"

Info Admin group is not email enabled. Info Management is email enabled.
When you send a mail to Info Management, the DL will try to deliver the
mail to Info Admin, which does not have an email. Info management does
not try to expand Info Admin to check recipient list and email
addresses. Bottom line, you must have email enabled groups as member of
any DL.



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Exchange 2000

I'm a little frustrated that I can't get a distribution group to work.
The groups we have been using for emailing have been email enabled
security groups. The problem is that there are people that are members
of multiple groups for security purposes but not for email purposes.
Based on this I need to create some distribution groups for group email.
I started with a test. I created a new security group "Info Management
Administrators" and added people to the group. Then I created a
distribution group "Info Management Test" and I added the group "Info
Management Administrators" as members of the distribution group. I sent
a test email to the new distribution group ... and nothing. No email, no
Am I missing something here? Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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