Re: HELP!!! URGENT POP3 relay problem

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  • Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 03:14:23 -0800

oops... sorry didn't read the remainder of your message.
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> I am desperate so I would greatly appreciate some assistance with the
> following problem:
> We run Exchange 2000 using POP3 with Netscape as the client.  Several
> months ago our mail server was used as a open relay station.  We have
> closed the relay but ever since then we've been having the following
> problem:
> Users are able to receive their exchange email regardless of which ISP
> they are using.  All users are able to send emails locally through their
> ISP to anyusername@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  However, only users who are using
> dial-up from home are able to send email messages to domains other than
> ours.  When ssers with cable modem/DSL for ISP attempt to send email to a
> domain other than ours they receive the following error message: "5.7.1
> unable to relay for username@xxxxxxx please check the message recipients
> and try again".
> Our default SMTP relay restrictions are set up for "Only the list below"
> and is granted access (NOTE: we do not have STMP connectors
> setup; do we need to?).  The "Allow all computers which successfully
> authenticate to relay, regardless of the list above" box is checked.  I
> know that in Outlook Express there is a selection for "my server requires
> authentication", but I don't see such a setting in Netscape.  Is this the
> problem?  We also have a firewall in place.  Could our firewall be the
> problem?
> I have read through tons of stuff on the web and gotten some great
> information, but I still haven't resolved the issue.  PLEASE HELP!!!
> TIA,
> Valerie
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