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This is a snippet that can get you started.  Outside of writing it yourself
or hiring it done, I don't know of any particular apps that exist to do
this.  Maybe somebody else here does?

Const CdoDefaultFolderContacts = 5

dim iCount


wscript.echo "Number of contacts updated:" & iCount

Sub GetContacts()
iCount = 0

Dim objSession 'As MAPI.Session

   Set ol = CreateObject ("MAPI.Session")
   ol.Logon "%USERNAME%"

   oContItems = ol.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)
   oContItems = ol.GetDefaultFolder(CdoDefaultFolderContacts)
   wscript.echo oContItems.Count
   For Each oCurItem in oContItems
      iCount = iCount + 1
      wscript.echo oCurItem  '//Write this out to a file or DB if needed
   Set oContItems = Nothing
   Set olns = Nothing
   Set ol = Nothing
End Sub 

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I've seen some scripting but I'm not sure on how to use them because I am
not a programmer. I've done a little scripting but with ActiveX for DTS (SQL

I went to the link that you provided but doesn't really help. Any other

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