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  • From: Jeff Horton <Jeff.Horton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 14:46:18 -0400

Hey Tony,

We had our Exchange server in Bermuda and users in our Toronto/Boston
offices connected by a Cisco router to router VPN solution through the
internet.  At times it was slow but it was generally consistent unless
someone would send out/receive huge attachments or a major backbone would go

I mean your company wants to save money and as a result they are going to
have to live with the performance ramifications that entails.  Your Exchange
Organization is obviously not configured for performance but rather to cut
costs and that is always a tough issue to get across to the users who just
want their e-mail to work 'like normal' which it isn't now that they have to
cross an ocean for communicate with the Exchange Server.

Because of the setup this is more of a network issue than an Exchange issue
although what you can try on the remote users is to add a HOSTS entry for
the Exchange server(s) on all clients to speed up the name to IP resolution
process.  Also make sure you limit the size of attachments that can be sent
out/received.  Most if not all our issues revolved around large attachments
being sent and then the remote users would try to open them and have to wait
for it to be downloaded which was even worse when it was sent to a DL...

Anyway hope this helps a little.


Jeff Horton

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We have recently embarked on a cost savings project that entails locally
housing and servicing our email servers in the U.S. We had several local
servers in the ASIA and European regions that were moved to the
headquarters office in the U.S. Obviously we knew that the performance
would be somewhat degraded because of the move from a LAN attached server
to a WAN attached server. We are receiving several complaints from our
clients that the speeds to open an email are extremely slow. An email with
an attachment is almost "snail mail".

Has anyone else experienced moving from a LAN email service to providing
the service over the WAN? What are some of the expectations and how can
you address the slow downs. The current WAN network consists of frame
relay, leased line, and VPN connections into the headquarters office from
our remote sites. Are there any performance enhancing capabilities in
Exchange or are we stuck with the latency of the WAN network?

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