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  • Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 14:13:39 -0400

On your PC, if you right click the 'System Manager' icon and select 'Run
As' - what happens when you use one of your colleagues credentials?
Same error?  If so, reload the Exchange Admin mgt console on your PC.  


Vice Versa, if you do a Run As on your Colleagues' PC, and provide your
credentials does the issue still happen?  If you can provide your
credentials on the other admin's PC and get in, this only confirms that
you should remove Exchange Mgt console and re-install.





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I am unable to open system manager it gives me an error which i've
attached.Any idea what might be the issue 

I've full exchange rights along with Enterprise Admins,Schema Admins and
Domain Admins rights  

It says "There is no microsoft Exchange Organisation in that Domain,Id
no c1030a8c Exchange system Manager" 

Urgent help would be appreciated, though i'm able to make changes in
Exchange Tabs from Active Directory


It's opening from other exchange admin id's but not from mine.




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