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Thanks Jeff.
        I'm assuming this is based on the fact that the SMTP port is open and
available to anyone outside of the organization using the server? What they
have going on is they're using the Exchange Internet Mail Service for
outgoing mail only (it's handed off to their ISP via SMTP). Incoming mail is
coming in via an application they're using known as basically
grabs all their email they have forwarded to a POP3 email box, and then
hands it off to the Exchange Server internally via SMTP. The SMTP TCP/IP
port is not accessible outside of their LAN since it is blocked by the
router. What I'm thinking is they should be relatively safe with the
exception of someone internally sending spam through the Exchange Server.
It's kind of a hokey way that they have things setup, but it works for them
and they really don't want to change anything. So I'm just doing some
research into what I need to do to secure the site as much as possible
without eating into their budget too terribly much and with as few changes
as possible.
        Appreciate you response.


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One of the huge problems with exchange server 5, which makes it worth the
investment really,  is that it has no spam blocking filters.   If you go to
websites about spam and find out how to make exchange server 5 do spam
blocking the recommended option is "replacement".

If you go to exchange 5.5, which the upgrade wizard seemed pretty capable,
keep in mind that to upgrade the information store you will need free space
greater than that of the info store itself.   If your info store is 10gb you
will need like 20gb free to do the upgrade or it will just puke half way

Also,  you cant go straight from 5 to 2000.

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From: Chris Thompson [mailto:chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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I just recently inherited a site with a couple of NT 4 Servers and an
Exchange 5 server. It's been a while since I've had to maintain an
Exchange Server...come to think of it, I haven't even laid hands on an
Exchange Server since about 1997.
I seem to be able to find very little reference to Exchange Server 5 on
the Internet. There seems to be a good deal of information on Exchange
Server 5.5 and 2000. Is there an upgrade path from 5 to 5.5 that doesn't
involve a significant investment (times are tough)? And what would the
benefit be in upgrading the Exchange Server? This organization is using
this single Exchange Server in a small business setting with about 20
clients for internal email as well as SMTP Internet email.

Thanks for your advice.
   Chris Thompson


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