RE: Exchange Server 2003 ------Outbox on Clients ??? Slow to empty

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 Check your queues, sometimes a bad message in the queue can slow it
down or even make it completely stop. Also did anything change recently?
Anything in the eventlogs? Also turn up diagnostic logging. 

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Slow to empty

We've recently implemented Exchange Server 2003 on one server in our
office. It's a one server environment.

Recently messages began to stay in the queue delayed, but any outbound
messages seem to go right through?
Some PCs now have messages in their outbox for up to 5 minutes.

We have F-prot AV software scanning the database on the Exchange server.

Has anyone seen this?  Users sending to each other on the common
Exchange server receive mail slower than external recipents.

It seems like the messages are not being delivered rapidly, like they

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