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Since the EDB and STM files are databases and change constantly a Full
backup will happen no matter what.

Recommended of course is to use a Exchange aware backup program so that you
can backup the open databases and the transaction logs are applied to the
databases when the backup completes.

Just to give you an idea. Below is the method I use to get a nightly backup
of our Exchange server which doesn't have a tape driver locally connected.

1 - A Full backup of the Exchange databases using NTBackup, Exchange aware,
to a secondary disk. This is done twice and takes usually no more than 30
minutes unless the other backup is going.

2 - A Full backup of the Exchange server excluding any files that are open,
which includes the EDB and STM files once a night to a secondary disk. This
also takes no more than 30 minutes.

3 - Copy the 3 files to a server that has access to a tape drive.

4 - I then backup the files to tape. Which takes quite awhile but since the
backups are good, hopefully! If anything happens to the server and/or
Information Stores between backups it is less of a hardship.

Paul Larson

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What is the recommended way to backup Exchange?

7day Incremental (Full on Friday)
7day Differential (Full on Friday)
7day Full

A Full backup takes 12-15 hours.

Devon Harding
System Administrator
Gilat Latin America

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