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Thanks for the response.  Do you know of any Q articles or whitepapers that
address this type of mixed environment?  Also, can you provide me any
feedback on the following scenario?

The Department of Labor has 7 agencies, all on their own separate physical
networks.  Each of these agencies has their own messaging platform.  Four of
them are already on Exchange 5.5, two of them on GroupWise, and one of them
on Unix SendMail.  We are presently trying to design a 5.5 solution that
includes creating a single DOL organization and migrating each of the
Agencies to the Exchange Organization.  One of these Agencies has recently
reported to us that they are 3/4 of the way through implementing Windows
2000 with AD (Native Mode) Single Forest.  I'm trying to get a handle on
what concerns and technical solutions will be required with regards to this
one Agency.  Everyone else will be on NT 4.0 domains.

 If an Agency here at DOL has already implemented a Windows 2000 / Active
Directory (NM) within it's own Forest, is it possible to migrate that Forest
into a new DOL Forest at a later date.  How will an Agency already on
Windows 2000 with AD migrate to the new  Are there any
complications?  Does it matter whether this Agencies W2K/AD is in native or
mixed mode?

Thanks in advance Julio.  I appreciate your insight and support!


Michael V. Grayson
U.S. Department of Labor - OASAM
202.693.4145 (Office)
301.775.4607 (Mobile)

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It can be implemented, in fact I have many customers that have migrated to
W2K (native mode) but still use Exchange 5.5.

But you will experience problems if you install Exchange 5.5 on a DC, both
use LDAP port 389 for directory lookups. So the best solution is to install
Exchange on a Member Server or change the port it uses if you have no
alternatives to install it on a DC.

Julio E. Danoviz, MCSE(W2K-NT4) MCT

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I'm interested to know if anyone has a technical reasons why Exchange 5.5
can not be implemented into a Windows 2000 / AD Domain running in "NATIVE"

Thanks in advance for your replies.  Feel free to call me or email. 

Mike Grayson

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