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We have "send as" privs to certain distribution lists where it is necessary for 
everyone on it to be included in the reply (certain committees).  Up to now 
these committees have been responsible enough not to abuse the privilege.

We also have contract labor in our organization which use external emails which 
have been added as contacts and included in distribution lists without problems.

"Send on behalf" and "Send As" privs are usually reserved for Executive 
Assistants because we all know they run the company anyway.  J




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Hi all,


Perhaps this question is a bit off topic but I would like to know your opinion 
as a Exchange Administrators and Managers. In our organization, we are now 
involved in describe the services we are going to offer to our exchange 2007 
users and we have a lot of doubts:


·         Users want to "send as" distribution lists, but we are not sure about 
the convenience of this.....

·         Users want to include external email address in internal distribution 
lists (partners, clients,...). This would increase very much de number of email 
contacts in the exchange organization and we are not sure if the we are going 
to have problems related to SPF. (For example, someone external sends an email 
to one of internal lists that contains another external address)

·         Users want to "send on behalf" and "send as" shared mailboxes. We are 
not sure to allow this since send on behalf is a Microsoft feature and other 
clients, overall web clients, don't understand it. "Send as" is a bit dangerous 
because the sender is hidden but we are aware that this feature is necessary in 
some cases.


I would be very grateful if you share your experience about this. 





David Sierra

Messaging Administrator



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