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While I cannot speak of Exchange 2007, I have seen other email server
vendors go one of 2 routes, either develop their own add in (usually less
effective) or integrate with an OEM version of a 3rd party vendors product.


IMHO, you will be better off using a 3rd party product. Now saying that, MS
has taken a number of steps in the last couple of years to become a
qualified competitor for security products, mostly by buying 3rd party


See the pattern here.


John T


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Hello Exchange "Gurus,"


Our company is in the process of upgrading our Exchange Server from ver. 5.5
to the "latest and greatest."  Do any of you see a real need to choose
Exchange Server 2007, instead of Exchange Server 2003?  Our company is very
small (25 mailboxes max) and doesn't require a lot of the "bells and
whistles" which come with the "latest and greatest."  However, I did notice
that ver. 2007 offers Anti-Spam as well as Anti-Virus solutions compared to
ver. 2003.  For those who are running 2007, are the Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
solutions good enough NOT to install a 3rd party Anti-Virus / Anit-Spam
solution?  I have a current support contract with GFI Mail Essentials.  How
does Exchange 2007's Anti-Spam solution compare with GFI Mail Essentials
ver. 12?  


Thanks for any input!


--Jason Davis  

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