Exchange 2003, problem connecting to POP3

  • From: "Abrar" <abrark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 10:56:09 -0600

I have search all internet support sites including MS, but could not found
solution to our POP3 problem.

Users are not able to retrieve messages using Outlook Express from
exchange server. Details are as following.

1  One Server is installed by Nawasi with Windows 2003 Standard Edition
with Exchange 2003 Standard Edition, (New installation).

2  All security patches are installed on the Windows Server, except
Windows 2003 SP1, Service Pack 1 for Exchange is also installed.

3  POP3 Service is running and also enabled in the Exchange 

4  POP3 access is only working on the Server, I am able to connect and
retrieve messages on the Windows 2003 Server by connecting to the local
POP3 port of the exchange server by using Outlook Express.

5  But if the 5 workstation try to connect and retrieve messages from the
Exchange server 2003, using outlook express, it is not possible.

6  To further diagnose the problem, I have telnet the exchange server IP
with POP3 110 port address, I was able to logon by using USER and PASS,
and I was also able to use LIST command to retrieve message list, but the
problem start when I try to RETR message. It just hangs and does not
retrieve message.

7  Five Workstations are able to connect and retrieve messages by using MS
Outlook 2003,IMAP and HTTP, the problem is with POP3.

8  I have checked the properties of the POP3 Protocol under exchange
administration tool, all the local LAN IP has permission to connect.

It is important for us to use POP3 applications.


Thank You,

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