RE: Exchange 2003 addressing issue

  • From: "Brian Parker" <bparker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 17:36:58 +0100

Hi Paul

Believe you may have missed the final step - those smtp addresses need to be 
added to the user accounts. You need to apply the policy and say yes to update 
existing users (if this is not going to cause problems with existing domains). 
Hope this helps.


Brian Parker
Senior Computing Officer

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Hi all, 

I'm running SBS2003 which is using Exchange 2003. 

I've setup the POP connector for my accounts and modified the recipient
policy to include . I definitely made sure to untick
the "This organisation is solely responsible" box. 

Now the problem is if I address an email to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx it
bounces at my Exchange box saying user doesn't exist. I don't know if it
may be a bug with SBS2003, but shouldn't Exchange forward any emails
*if* they don't exist locally and the recipient policy is not ticked for
the sole address space. 

Hope that made sense, running on nil sleep :-)



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