RE: Exchange 2000 and GC server down

  • From: "Mike Liddekee" <mliddekee@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 15:40:00 -0500

I guess the question would be is are both A&B acting as DNS servers using 
AD-integrated zone and does server C have both servers listed in its IP 
properties for DNS servers?  I take one DC or another offline all the time to 
install patches, etc and don't have exchange or other servers go offline.  How 
do you define "going down?" also do your clients have both DNS servers listed 
in their IP properties (or DHCP settings) as well?  If you don't have two DNS 
servers applied even though you have two DCs, you haven't accomplished a whole 
lot.  What happens if B goes offline?  I assume all is well still.  

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        Here is my configuration:
        My network is a small LAN (150 user and 3 servers), only 1 domain.
        Server A: DC Roles(Domain Name Master, Escheme Master)+ GC
        Server B: DC Roles(other 3 roles of the forest) + GC
        Server C: Exchange 2000 Member server
        Questions ?
        1-Server A FAIL:
        If Global Catalog server (Server A) go down the client computers can't
        contact de Exchange server. So how can I force de Exchange server to 
use the
        other Global Catalog server (Server B) ?
        How my Exchange Client should be able to fail over to the GC B?
        Note: I don't want to restart  server B or C
        2- In Exchange 2000 Administrative console --- Server Property---- 
        Access appear the topology of my Domain:
        What is the function and difference of:?
         Configuration server
        How can I mitigate the domino effect ?
        I want to add some redundancy for state available the Exchange server in
        case of one GC server go DOWN. HOW do it?
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