Excahnge 2003 And Exchange 5.5 Interorganizational Help-me please

  • From: "Jethro Morais" <jethromorais@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 17:40:50 -0700

Hello all,

I need some help seting up a Excahnge 2003 to relay email trougth a
Excahnge 5.5 Server , let me try to explain , I have 5 separated domains ,
all NT4 based domains , I just promote one of this domain to a 2003 domain
in mixed mode , i have instaled a Exchange 2003 In the DC and I need that
this server sends and receives e-mail trougth a Excahnge 5.5 in other
domain. now , the mixed domain that I have created is named
INTERNAL.DOMAIN.COM , and my NT domain is just DOMAIN.COM. Now I think
that i have to setup the main DNS server to point all mail that is
@INTERNAL.DOMAIN.COM to the Exchange 5.5 and setup the Excahnge 5.5 to
accept and foward all that mail to the Excahnge 2003 ? Is this right ?
Continuing , I need to setup the Exchange 2003 to send all outgoing e-mail
to the exchange 5.5 server and setup the 5.5 to relay those messages right
? also , I need to setup ADC to keep my global adress list updated with
the other domains , if there is another way i will apreciated... Anyway
folks , I hear that you all the Best in Excahnge and I will be very
thankfull for any help... ( Sorry abouth the english , not a very good
writer...) Thanks...

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