Re: Deleting dead Exchange 5.5 server from site

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  • Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 23:10:09 -0400

If you don't care about the data on this old server then go ahead and remove
it from the list. I don't see it doing any harm. Actually done it before
myself with an Exch 5.5 in a NT 4.0 domain.

Whatever you do, make sure you take the data files from this server before
trashing it, just in case you want to go back and retrieve old data.

I could show you a way of retrieving all data from this server, maybe you
can yourself follow the disaster recovery method, but be careful not to
damage anything else in your domain.


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> Hi Everyone,
> An Exchange 5.5 server that was nearly due for retirement has just
> crashed and burned. It was the first site server but fortunately I'd moved
> all its responsibilities to a new Exchange server (in the site) before the
> crash. The Sys Admin at this particular office hadn't been doing regular
> backups of the OS and Exchange directories so I'm left with a server
> that exists as an object in the site but doesn't do anything and can't be
> resurrected. When the old server was rebuilt the sys admin was able to
> restore the old Exchange directories but not any registry stuff (for
> reasons). I've read articles Q152959 and Q152960 and followed all of the
> relevant steps. I was about to delete the server from the site but got a
> warning about the server containing a number of mailboxes, gateways etc.
> only had old mailboxes that were of no real use and I don't really see
> how the gateways can be an issue since the server is dead anyway. Can any
> harm be done by deleting this dead server from the site? The main problem
> the moment is that the other server in this site is trying to replicate
> Public Info Store MTA stuff to the dead server. I'm not sure why it's
> this since I'm not intentionally replicating any public folders etc to the
> dead server. I'd appreciate any feedback re this.
> Regards
> Tony
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