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  • Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 07:51:26 +1100

Greg is right! generally a blacklist service will black list a bank of
ip's depending on how tight they are. Having said that if these MX
servers were setup in mesh topology for backup then it is entirely
possible that the same mails which bounce around MX1 may bounce around
MX2 thus causing the same problem.


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It's always been my impression that a domain is blacklisted based on
it's IP address. So if west.company.com has an independent MX record,
from a DNS standpoint there would be no association with
east.company.com and therefore no reason for the east domain to be

Greg Lara


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Let's say you are east.company.com and you also host MX records for
west.company.com and so forth. If west.company.com was compromised and
get blacklisted, can they potentially get the root domain company.com
blacklisted?  I'm thinking each domain is autonomous and only the
individual domains would get blacklisted and not the entire root.
Anybody know for certain? Thanks.

James Chong

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