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From my experience what I feel is that you dont need to promote the bdc to
pdc...If PDC goes down then BDC automatically take over the charge as it
contains a replica of the sam database on pdc.You may choose to promote the
BDC to PDC from the server manager if you want to do it manually...But I
think you will find it a pdc in server manager too...
One more thing you let me know is ....Do you still have the user accounts in
the bdc's sam database???
Pankaj Mehley.

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This seems to be an interesting scenario. It has been reported to me by a
friend of mine.
Exchange was installed at the BDC. The PDC for this domain crashed. The
persons at that moment, did not promote BDC to PDC. They restarted the BDC
and now at this reboot, it can't find PDC. Now it can not be promoted to
As the users cannot be authenticated, the Exchange box does not work.
Is there a way?




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