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Is this only certain emails with certain subjects or
ALL email that comes to this particular user?

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I am trying to setup a system with automatic mail forwarding from a
generically named account to a person's private account, something like the
example below...

manager@xxxxxxxxxx -> forward -> username@xxxxxxxxxx

I am using alternate recipient, and setting it so that the manager Email box
saves a copy of the mail while it is also forwarded to the private user

My question is, is there anyway I can automatically forward the saved Emails
to another mail account that is created at a later date?

The reason for wanting to do this is that there is a high degree of turn
over for a particular manager position. When I create an account for a new
manager, username2@xxxxxxxxxx, I want that account to receive a copy of
saved Emails from the manager@xxxxxxxxxx account without me having to log
into it and forward them manually. The way I understand it, Exchange only
forwards new messages as they are processed, and not looking backwards.

I know the easy solution to this is to have the user's profile setup to open
both their private account and the manager account, however employees at
this particular company are too technically impaired to realize the need to
read mail in both mailboxes.

David Littlejohn
IT Department

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