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Check out the disaster recovery for Exchange document - something every
exchange admin should read.


In it you will find out about defragging your databases.  When an online
defrag happens (this is probably scheduled nightly in your exchange) it
gets rid of the old pages, however it keeps the space for the database,
and does not reduce the size of the file.  To reduce the physical size
of your database, you need to perform an offline defrag.  This is talked
about on page 27 of the disaster recovery document.  Basically, it says
you need to use the ESEUTIL with a /p switch.  There is one problem -
this is like zipping up a large directory of files:  If you start with a
folder and zip it up (size = 10 MB) it creates a temp file (size = 6 MB
- total disk used = 16 MB) and copies the temp file to the .zip file
(size now = 16 + 6 = 22 MB) before it deletes the temp file (End size =
16 MB.)  So even in defragging your database, you may need a good amount
of space.

Another line in the disaster recovery document: Never let the drive that
contains your database and transaction logs to be less than 30% free
space.  Bad things can happen if you do.


Matt Walkowiak


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where you put the backup?     you copy your priv1.edb someplace?


my first suggestion would be to buy a real backup system.. something
that uses tapes.   this way if and when a tape gets full, you just plop
in another one and it keeps going.    If this is not a possibility, then
I guess you will just have to add more space.   Unfortunately exchange
was never good at giving back resources once it sucked them up.... so
telling all your users to delete all their email isnt really an option
(plus they might complain).   

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        My file priv1.edb has a big size and the schedulling backup is
not working because there is not space on the drive where I put the
backup, what can I do ?




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