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X500 addresses should've been migrated as part of the ADC replication so
that replies work. If the migrated mailbox does not have an x500
address, then users still on 5.5 will get bounce backs when replying to
that user. To correct this, the sender would have re-choose the
recipients name in the GAL, or delete the nickname cache in outlook. You
need to verify that x500 addresses are being replicated over.  


Inter-Organizational Connection Agreements and Two-Way Replication

Although inter-organizational connection agreements can only be
configured to replicate in one direction, you can achieve coexistence by
configuring two one-way inter-organizational connection agreements
between the Exchange Server 5.5 server and Active Directory. Setting up
two one-way ADC inter-organizational connection agreements that point in
opposite directions enables the inter-organizational ADC to replicate
the Exchange Server 5.5 directory information to Active Directory and to
stamp replicated objects with the X500 address of the Exchange Server
5.5 mailbox. If you use the inter-organizational Active Directory
Connector for directory synchronization during coexistence, do so only
during the migration process.


When you establish two one-way inter-organizational connection
agreements, ensure that the target container of one connection agreement
is not the source container of the second connection agreement.

X500 Addresses

The Exchange Server 5.5 migration process uses X500 addresses in two
different ways:


To ensure reply functionality for e-mails that are sent to a mailbox
owner after migration.


As a search criterion when looking for Active Directory user objects
that have already been created for mailboxes selected for migration.

Ensure that the connection agreement includes X500 addresses with
replicated objects.








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I have a large migration project that involves migrating a NT 4.0 Domain
with Exchange 5.5 to a Windows 2003 Forest with Exchange 2003 that are
in Native Mode.  There must be co-existance between the two during the
migration and the users that get migrated over must keep the same smtp
address. I have a test environment and I am using ADMT to migrate
objects over and perform security translation, along with using the
exchange migration tools to bring the mailbox over.  I also have ADC
configured with two Inter-Org connections configured as described in
Microsoft Documentation.  I think I am missing a piece somewhere as I
don't understand how mailflow occurs between users that have been
migrated over to the Exchange 2003 server.  Once a user gets migrated,
the other users gets a bounce back when they try to email that person.
From reading, it should be using x.500 to deliver the email?  Am I
trying to do something that's not supported? 

Darin Sullivan
Keller Schroeder & Associates, Inc.

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