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  • Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 19:01:57 +0000

 Last week someone in the digest asked about first day  rules. In the same 
digest someone else gave his rules -- there was even an audio link.  However, I 
found them too "wordy".  Rules should be simple.  
The very best rules are the product of one of our teachers, Fredda Finklestein. 
 She has just returned from abroad and gave me permission to post her BE A 
SPORT rules.  SPORT is an acronym :  sit, polite, one (person at a time), 
ready, tidy.  The posters and worksheets are livelier (with fonts, designs in 
color on posters) than here but the rules are simple, straightforward, easy to 
remember. Are you a sport? 

In English we often say, ? Be a SPORT! ?  ? it really means : 

 -- SIT?             Everyone SITS when the bell rings   
-- POLITE?        We are POLITE, we  respect each other.  We listen to each 
other;   we do not  take things from other pupils;   
-- ONE person -   only ONE  person  talks at a time:  everyone else listens.
--READY -  we come to class READY  to learn.   We have books, notebooks, pens, 
sharp pencils, erasers, homework.      We do NOT have food or drinks ( only 
water!)  during a lesson.  
 -- TIDY-    The room must be clean and TIDY!     
  We also teach the new words, quiz them on the content, vocabulary and of 
course: Are they ready? Is the room tidy? etc etc... 

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