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David's absence in June will cut off  Etni correspondence for a few weeks.
Perhaps we can use this time well in thinking seriously about something
rather than a further hot(s) exchange of what tends to be polarized views.
The recent Etni poll on the literature program produced the following


May 24, 2012

Poll question:  To what extent has the new Literature Program affected your

*       12% - It has increased my motivation and led to greater satisfaction
in my teaching.
*       76% - It has made me less motivated and led to more frustration in
my teaching.
*       12% - It hasn't really changed the way that I feel about my

307 teachers participated in the  poll. 

While I  am sure that the scientific validity of this poll can be questioned
and argued about, I hope we can agree that it raises questions that can not
be dismissed  or ignored..

The results bear out my impressions as to what might be happening to
teachers in the field. An inordinately high percentage of teachers  would
appear seems to be frustrated and less motivated in working with the
program. This is as, if not more important than what is happening to the
students.  No program can hope to succeed  with such a high degree of
disaffection amongst those who are charged with carrying it out!

There are clearly many questions that need to be considered if any serious
change is to be  introduced. I would begin with these: 

1.    Is there a way to convince the powers that be, to look at what is
happening to teachers and listen to their responses before opening further
courses and issuing more advice?

2.    What can we  teachers do or suggest to turn the present  reality

3.    Where can a constructive and open exchange of ideas take place? 

We have a lot to think about.

Steve Hellmann




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