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dear jorge

yes, i absolutely agree with you that there has to be common ground
concerning nf education. as soon as it comes to treatment of patients, i
also agree that there have to be set standards and specific diplomas/degrees
for nf-therapists must be required. still i think that in the educational
field and in the field of peak-performance, there is room for
nf-practitioners having other backgrounds. in these areas, i don't quite see
a point (which you might not make...) in having  prerequisits, like
university diplomas, etc. to actually start with the nf-education, which may
be provided by san.
so i see quite an advantage in forming different groups of practitioners
within san as has been suggested before.

best regards


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> Dear Stephen,
> This is my point of view but, taking into consideration that there is a
> initiative to regulate training in all health matters in Europe, there
> be some consensus for everybody. Yes, each European country has its own
> point of view and regulations regarding health matters, but if we go that
> it is no use to have a body which represents all European nations but
> without some common requisites to them all, in particular regarding NF.
> Jorge
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> On Monday 21 Jun 2004 11:38, you wrote:
> > dear members
> >
> > concering the degree one needs to achieve before being able to offer
> > nf-services, much i wanted to write about has already been  pointed out
> > cornelia dollfus. personally i do favour an independent european society
> > which takes the special european situation into account. i see that
> > are various prerequisits in different countries concerning regulation of
> > offering nf-services. in switzerland, for instance, there is a
> > for people out of the complementary medicine sector to work with nf and
> > be even covered by health insurance. so by just accepting practitioners
> > with certain degrees, these folks (including myself) would not have the
> > chance to get under the roof of san.
> >
> > so my suggestion is to take into account the different country's laws
> > make membership available for all those who meet the regulations of
> > own countries, apart from the neurofeedback-education they went through,
> > which standards will be set by san.
> >
> > best regards
> >
> > stephan odermatt, switzerland

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