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Yes please send the articles.
Much was accomplished, asnd my sincere thanks to all who contributed.
We will send a summary in due course.

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Dear John,
you were asking for the article: Alpha-Theta Brainwave Training: Instrumental 
Vipassana ? by Elmar Green - since I believe these articles are of general 
interest I send this message via the freelist 
actually it is not an article, but a paper for the montreal symposium june 1993 
- I probably picked it up when I was visiting Steve Fahrion in 1995 in at the 
Menninger Clinic
So if you are interested I could scan it and send - there are older articles 
from him who also touch the issue ôf creativity and intuition - but this one 
was the latest and had connections to Sri Aurobindos teaching - I had been 
involved with his ashram for many years

hope the meeting went well 
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