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Excellent ideas, Marco!

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 four things:

1) Please always include your affiliation and where do you work below your 
signature, so to facilitate the process of knowing each other, which is 
important for our society.

2) Shall we have a database of members, with degree, experience, specialty, 
interests etc.? 

3) In order to avoid the pitiful situations that are the norm in forums like 
the EEGbiofeedback american forum, I suggest that an explicit regulamentation 
about links to commercial web-pages and reference to commercial products should 
be adopted before it will be too late.

4) I have been contacted by several people that are looking for an EEG 
aqcuisition machine, a neurofeedback device, and software for data analysis. 
Many practioners joined us recently and many more will do in the near future. 
The panorama in the market is very confusing and these people are left alone in 
taking decision that are of the utmost importance for their success. As you 
know there are several "crappy" products out there and our community should be 
protected. Furthermore, in order to promote standards in our field, it could be 
a good idea to promote hardware and software standards. Should we take 
agreement with selected companies to obtain better price for the equipment we 
need in exchange of official support from the society? This way we could get 
better prices for our members and we could rise some money for the functioning 
of the society. Also, we would make sure to promote omly high-quality products. 
This leads me to the last point.

6) should we build a clinical/research database of studies? Certified members 
would have access to upload and download their studies, including clinical 
cases and group research. Each entry would include anagraphics, psychometrics, 
anamnesis, pre-post qEEGs, protocol specification etc. There would be a 
database for depression, one for ADHD, etc.

I am not al all good in web programming and web databases. If someone is, I 
would be glad to help.

Just a few ideas,

Best Regards,



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