[esnr] Re: Standardised Equipment, Call for Committee members, and SAN Update.

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Meeting date was given to me 21-25 of May, 2005. Is there any changes at the 
meeting date?Please let me know. I have been trying to get better prices from 
some other hotels.Latest tomorrow I will get back to you.

"Gruzelier, John H" <j.gruzelier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Members one and all,
I was just penning this when Marco's missive came through, and a new  "White 
Knight" Physics/neuroscience graduate came through the door, who will, as a 
voluntary worker, take over our neurofeedback study with eye surgeons, just 
vacated by Josh who left Monday to build a career as an olympic rowing coach. 
I had written..."With  the beginning of the academic year, academics on the 
Council are currently somewhat snowed with work.
But progress is being made, not least a three day Think Tank/Council meeting. 
This is a brief update, and thankyou those who have called by telephone for 
asking about progress. Edwin has promised the minutes.
Special thanks to Dorte, Tanju, Leslie, Melissa and Annie, who gave up time to 
join the Council for the Think Tank.
The first week long Training module for neurofeedback beginners will take place 
at Trondheim, Saturday 12th March till Sunday 20th March. More details soon.
The first conference is firming up for May 25-29th, most probably in Atalya on 
the South coast of Turkey, hosted by Tanju.  This is a most glorious resort, 
with very promising and cheap facilities; final enquiries are being made.
A new website has been designed by Patricia ready for the launch, which is 
awaiting confirmation about the 2005 meeting
Equipment Committee.  This idea first arose at the Think Tank.  Volunteers for 
committee membership are welcome to be put to the Council.


More updates soon,
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I would reccomend...to create a committee for investigation of hardware and 
software equipments. This committee should come out with recommendations based 
on quality/price ratio criteria and willingness of the company to support SAN. 
To minimize simpathy, commercial interests and such nuisance factors, the 
committee could be fairly large and heterogeneous.

Foksfam@xxxxxxx wrote:
Marco - In theory I very much like the idea of standardised equipment.  What 
would you recommend..?

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