[ensu] Social Justice anti-ESSO event

  • From: matt.niedzielski@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: ensu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 20:10:44 -0400

HELP SEND A MESSAGE TO E$$O: Climate change? We don? t buy it.

On November 1st, activists in neighborhoods and towns across the country will 
be holding demonstrations, hanging banners, and performing street theatre to 
tell Canadians that Esso, the world?s number one climate criminal, has to be 

Esso and its parent company ExxonMobil do more than any other oil company to 
deceive politicians and the public about climate change. They not only 
contribute to the problem, but they outright deny that it exists and spend 
millions of dollars on misleading propaganda to convince others of the same. 
From West Nile to forest fires to hurricanes, we?re already feeling the 
effects of their dirty policies. It?s time to take action.

Want to hold a demo, or participate in one? Have another creative idea for 
action? Visit www.stopesso.ca to hook up with other local activists in the 
organizing forums, or email ferguson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to get involved with 
what?s going on in and around Toronto.

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