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Dear all,

Here is some information about one of the Governing Council candidates who
has incorporated sustainability principles and eco-responsibility into his
campaign. Please see below.


Kristle Calisto-Tavares
ENSU Co-President


My name is Mike Foderick, and I am a candidate for UofT?s Governing Council.
You can VOTE NOW on ROSI www.rosi.utoronto.ca between March 10th ? 14th by
simply clicking on the ?Elections? link and selecting your candidate the
way you select your courses.

What is Governing Council?

Governing Council is the highest decision making body at the University of
Toronto, and is responsible for all of its academic, business and
institutional affairs. There are 50 members, of which a mere 8 are students.
am running for one of the two full-time Undergraduate spots. For more
information on Governing Council, please visit:

Why Mike?

- I founded and co-Chaired the TTC Metropass Task Force that brought the TTC
Metropass discount to UofT.

- I currently serve as Chair and Chief Executive Officer of The Varsity
newspaper, the largest student newspaper in Canada.

- Before entering University I worked for two years as a Policy Aide the
Toronto City Councillors, including the Chair of the TTC.

- I co-created and authored the City of Toronto?s first ever Gun Buyback
Program, Operation ?Save-a-Life."

- I am currently the Chair of the Laidlaw Foundation?s Youth Engagement
Programme, which gives hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money to
innovative Ontario youth-led projects annually.

- For a complete account of my experience, please visit my website at

What do I want to do on Governing Council?

- Be the most active opponent of tuition deregulation and large tuition
increases. I believe that our University can remain one of the most
prestigious post-secondary institutions in the world without driving
into massive debt.

- Fight to make UofT?s three campuses as green as possible. This would
advocating for the creation of a UofT Sustainability Office or Advocate, and
further supplementing the TTC Metropass discount with creative external
subsidies ? hopefully driving the price even lower.

- Do my best to bring accountability back to Governing Council. I would push
for the creation of a UofT Lobbyist Registry, so that the academic and
business affairs of the University remain above reproach.

- Work to make ALL student positions on Governing Council Boards (such as
Academic Board, Business Board and University Affairs Board) elected, not
appointed. I also believe that better representation should be offered to
Erindale and Scarborough in that process.

- Be a Strong Voice for UTSC, including supporting any plans for a
Scarborough ? St. George shuttle bus.

- Fight for a New Deal for UTM, one that would see more, and eventually all,
dollars Mississauga students pay returned in equivalent services to

All full-time Undergraduates have 2 votes in the Governing Council election;
hope that you cast one of them for me. For more information please check out

Also, I have been cooperating with several candidates for other elected UofT
positions that I believe would do a tremendous job under the banner
of ?Student Potential.? I would therefore also like to highly recommend:

Faran Umar-Khitab for Governing Council: March 10-14
Ashley Morton for S.A.C. President: March 12-14
Kevin Keane for S.A.C. Vice-President University Affairs: March 12-14
Their website is www.studentpotential.ca

VOTE NOW: www.rosi.utoronto.ca
My website: www.mikefoderick.ca
My colleagues? website: www.studentpotential.ca
My e-mail address: m.foderick@xxxxxxxxxxx

THANK YOU for your support!

Mike Foderick
Candidate for Governing Council

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