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  • From: Jose Granados Vergara <jose.granados@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 10:55:41 +0000

Hi, I agree, the code I wrote was made with simplicity and readability in mind, 
not efficiency. It's kind of a beginners style, It makes it easier for 
debugging and finding problems. Once I'm sure everything is working fine I 
might change some parts to those magical one liners, so far
I haven't had any constraint problems. I like Pekka's initalization routine, 
it's creative, efficient and easy to understand. 

I completed the ethernet driver now, it can send and receive packets now. The 
errata workarounds were incorporated, the problem was that
I was sending the wrong read buffer memory opcode (silly mistake). I also 
integrated freertos and will proceed to do some testing. I'm afraid I can only 
work on weekends until I return to Finland.

-Jose Granados
MSc Student.
Embedded Computing
University of Turku

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Hi Jose,

> 1. ENC28J60 SPI driver (done)

I kind-of like your SPI interface, it is quite nice.  However, as you may 
guess, while your coding style is beautiful, I don't like the implementation, 
as it is completely imperative and generates bulky code, while we are leaning 
towards a declarative approach and clearly smaller generated code at the 
current ELL-i runtime.

Ivan, I think it is worth your time to have a look at Jose's implementation as 
well, just to see the difference in coding style if nothing else.  In a certain 
way, his handwriting is more beautiful than mine.  If we didn't have the strict 
space constraints, I might prefer such a clean, simple, and nice approach.

> 2. Ethernet driver (almost done)

Have you made sure that you have read the ENC28J60 errata?  That is quite 


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