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As I read through all the E-mails I just want to say thanks to all the well 

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How YA-AWL doin, LOL
    Well, we finally made it, and even thought the cable guy was here till 7;00 
last night, the PC came on line just now. Did I mention how slow things happen 
here. LOL. 
There was no surprises at the closing, it took 10 minutes and it all was done. 
They seamed like nice people, and were over whelmed will their packing up. I 
was nervous because there was still a good amount of stuff here at the walk 
through. They left us a few logs in the fireplace. Nice.

     Well, we got all our stuff from the pod in the house before the storm hit, 
and they removed the pod just before the first snow flake fell. We have 4-5 
inches here, and it's been fun watching cars slipping past our place. D'OH. I 
guess I'm going to be clearing the snow from the driveway today, as a plow 
buried us at the street end. We have a large car port that kept the car clean, 
and dry. We have about 80-90ft of driveway.
      Dorothy, and I threw out a lot of stuff during packing to keep from 
having to ship stuff only to throw it out later. Well, as we are unpacking we 
are coming across stuff that we have no idea where to put it. ???? This is all 
ending up in the basement. 
      We have used the fire place the last two nights and it was great. He left 
some good burn wood and since we don't have a kitchen table yet we have been 
eating on unopened boxes in front of the fire. High cool factor. Taking it all 
in, very different life style from our past, so far it's new and exciting. 
     I would like to install a fireplace insert soooo ....... if anyone has 
advice on that topic ..........
      I promise to send some photos when I get the chance so hang in there, I 
just have other things to get done first.

Frank & Dorothy, NC

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Good luck and congrats Frank, have fun!

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Tomorrow is a big day for us, we are closing on our new home. One last minute 
snafu, we are buying a few items from the seller, and they said they would take 
a personal check. Well, today that changed, and they said certified check, or 
cash. Hmmmmm. Really???? 24 hours? ATMs only give me 500 in  24hrs. I said 
............... (since he already emptied the house) if you don't take the 
check you can keep the items. D'OH, I guess he didn't figure I would say that.

Now he will take the check. I have a funny feeling that might not be the end. 
It ain't over till the fat lady sings, or we get the keys.

    Soooo.... since plans changed a bit, we (should) be moving in tomorrow. I 
will rejoice tomorrow night. That being said, I will be off line until I hook 
up the PC at home. Cable is coming Sat. 3-5. 

   We are trying to unload the pod before a storm hits here, it's expected 
friday. We will try to get it all inside on thursday. Keep your fingers 


PS: I haven't met the seller yet, but I found a car with Florida plates in our 
hotel lot. i asked at the desk what our friends room was, and said their name. 
Room 219 ............. Hmmmmmm ........ Possibilities..... I know something 
they don't know. Big grin.

My next E-mail will be from home, gona get hectic here for the next few days.

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