[De Vita In Excessum] Up and Running

  • From: ConfusedBear@xxxxxxx
  • To: dvie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 12:45:26 -0400

De Vita In Excessum: Whispers from the World of Darkness

Everything is up, or should be.  But how tedious this task was, I may have 
missed something.  Let me know if I did?

There isn't a new issue up yet due to no submissions.  Well actually I had 
some, like screensavers and desktops, but in this transition, I lost them.  But 
feel free to resend!

Now that I have a new host, a -better- host, I will be working on a more 
functional layout for DViE.  I've decided I don't really like frames that much. 
 I also have a few additions in the works.

But for now I have to work on putting DViE Chronicles back up, which is even a 
more pain in the ask task.

Please submit your creativity to devitainexcessum@xxxxxxx, I would adore you if 
you did.
- Crys
De Vita In Excessum

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