[De Vita In Excessum] Camarilla Vampire Screensaver

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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 02:16:54 EST

De Vita In Excessum: Whispers from the World of Darkness
I'm going to try to keep my e-mails to a minimum, I promise.  But I wanted to 
announce this here before I go to bed, and I don't feel like updating the 
website till tomorrow.

I messed with a Camarilla Vampire desktop tonight, I was going to do an 
entire Vampire one with all the clans but that would have been entirely too 
big.  So I'll just divide it up between the sects I suppose.

Anyways, for those interested, the Camarilla screensaver is at:

More to come!

- Crys

- Crys

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