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Thanks, Nancy, 


Very disappointing. It sure would e nice if there was an accessible math
tool for blind users. Other than six-key entry for advanced math, there
really aren't any choices. 





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When we were going over it in our lab, my co-worker could not access the
different function buttons of mathtype with jaws (they wouldn't voice enough
for her to know what they were or how to use them) and when she tried to
read an equation created by mathtype, she heard only the very first and
perhaps last number of the equation(s).  So at that point, with I believe
mathtype 5 and jaws 9.02?.x.?  (actually whatever the latest version 9
release of jaws is) we had no luck.

I don't believe we've tried since we loaded mathtype 6.  Maybe between
mathtype 6 and jaws 10, something will work.


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