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The minimum number of guide dots within a table of contents is 2. The 
minimum number for tables is 3 (4 or more blank cells ... leave 1 space 
blank before inserting guide dots WITHIN the column).


duxhelp-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 4/17/2006, 6:40 PM:

Hi Lissa and Peter,

Just going over some old messages that needed a degree of research.

The following may help clarify and comes from BANA's web page at: 

I read both cases as meaning a minimum of 2 guide dots, not three.

Under "Tables of Contents"

(4) Guide dots. A series of unspaced guide dots (5), preceded and 
followed by a blank cell, should be inserted between the last word of a 
contents item and its page number. However, unless there is space for 
two or more guide dots the page number must follow the item with no 
guide dots inserted.

Under "Tables"

8g. Guide dots in columns of a table. When four or more blank cells are 
left after a short item in a column that is followed on the same braille 
line by entries in other columns, leave one blank cell before inserting 
a series of the unspaced guide dot symbol (5) within the column. NOTE: 
Guide dots may be inserted following runovers of row headings, but must 
not be inserted following any column runover. See Section 8b(1) above.


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I don't know of a way to do this, and didn't find anything in the online 
help. I'll check with Joe about it when he returns to the office on the 

- Peter

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I just realized that the [tab##lp"] command puts in guide dots if there 
is room for two or more guide dots. This is true of a table of contents 
(where I use the [frp"] command), but Thora Dumont just reminded me that 
in a table, the rule is three guide dots or more, not two. Is there a 
way to modify this behavior? Thanks.


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