[duxhelp] Re: Print Braille Embossing Problems

  • From: "Peter Sullivan" <peter@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 10:14:19 -0400

Hello Tesfaye,

This is about the oddest problem I've heard of so far.  David suggests that
perhaps the cable connection to the embosser needs to be checked again.  I
have only a two other ideas.

Is there some formatting difference for the Print Braille production?  This
would be something that could conceivable affect the software.

But the material in the embosser shouldn't affect DBT at all.  However, if
the material requires that we adapt the way we are controlling the Braillo
200, then I would expect a problem, because we don't make any such
adaptation for different materials.  Perhaps somebody at a Braillo can
enlighten us; we'll check.

I do recommend using DBT 10.5 only for testing at this point, although the
bugs do appear to have been relatively few.

- Peter

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Hello David and All,  I thought everything was fine with Beta 3 until We run
into Print Braille production.  Here at the CNIB, we produce a substantial
number of print Braille children books every year.  This is Braille that is
Embossed on a clear plastic sheets and collated with print.

The problem with beta 3 is, embossed Braille on clear plastic is missing all
kind of dots all over the pages.  For example, the word "did" changes to
"bab".  Everytime we are using clear plastic sheets for embossing we get
error message that reads "printing error on Briallo 200 would you like to
cancel or retry"  I could be wrong but I have a feeling this has to do with
the plastic we use.  Mind you, we have been using the same raw material for
years for same purpose.

I used Braillo 200  and BRF/DXB files that was created in DBT 10.4.  Any
ideas why this is happening and any solutions.  Also is it ok for us to use
Beta 3 or 4 for production or should we stick to testing only.  

CNIB Library

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