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I hadn't realized quite what the problem was myself -- and I'm still not

There is a simple fix for this, in any case.  Edit dbt.mws, and remove
"Ignore = Always" from the section on the "header" style.

We put that rule in -- and a corresponding one for the "footer" style a long
time ago.  I no longer remember why.

What is puzzling (to me) is that Word seems to make somewhat inconsistent
use of this style.

- Peter

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Hi All.  Occasionally in 10.5, headers from Word documents don't get
imported as they should, and today I decided to get to the bottom of it.  I
think perhaps I did.  I performed a number of tests combining headers, page
numbers, and section breaks.  In all tests, Word 2003 was used and the
document was imported using Duxbury's Textbook Format template. Every
document was imported correctly with one exception.  Here is my theory:  If
you have a header in your Word document and number pages in your Word
document, placing the page number in the header area, Duxbury ignores the
header.  I have attached a sample Word document and the resulting Duxbury
print document.  I have been able to reproduce this with SP1 and the most
recent build of SP2. 
Take care.

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