[duxhelp] News about some embossers, Elekul 55, Braillo 440 and Index 4x4

  • From: David Holladay <david@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 13:23:38 -0500

Just after we released DBT 10.6 beta 5, we received word that there was a problem producing multiple copies on the Interpoint Elekul 55.

This embosser is one of three embosser models that can produce folio or magazine format braille, that is 4 pages of braille on each sheet of paper. The three models are: Elekul 55, Index 4x4 and the Braillo 440SW.

In the process of reviewing the Elekul code, I realized that the output to all three models was not ideal. I have made a change that will be in beta 6 that will affect all 3 models. Based on my review of the code, I think the current beta 5 does work fine for the Braillo 440SW with multiple codes.

However, I doubt that the Index 4x4 output would work for multiple copies, if the number of pages produced is a multiple of 4 plus 1 **or** a multiple of 4 plus 2. That is, an 8 page document would work, but not a 9 page or a 10 page document.

The simplest test would be to take a single page document (a single line would suffice), and ask for multiple copies on an Index 4x4. I suspect that you would get the same text on the front and back side of each sheet of braille.

If someone could run that test, it would be great. If you did get wrong output, we would want to repeat the test with beta 6 to verify that the fix worked.

A further issue is that we have had far too few reports on the Index 4x4. I had difficulty generating more than 23 lines per page when I did my own tests in September 2005. We were able to establish that the problem was in the device firmware. I have heard independent reports that this has since been fixed. But I would feel better if I could hear from a beta tester that they were able to get 25 lines per page without a problem.

Finally, even though I am convinced that the Braillo 440 should be able to produce multiple copies with no problem, I would appreciate it if a beta tester could try this again with a single page DBT document with both beta 5 and 6, to make sure that the change I am making does not cause a problem.

At this stage, I want to be very careful about software changes.

I would appreciate hearing from any beta testers who have access to the Index 4x4 and/or the Braillo 440.

Please respond directly to me at david@xxxxxxxxxx

-- David Holladay
Duxbury Systems

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