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I am still not getting good copy. The Braille is starting in the far
right hand cell and I am then getting a page length error. 

Running WInBraille on A4 and then running the file that gave the error
through DBT works.

I unistalled and reinstalled but did not check that the dxemb.dll file
had gone between times. The one currently installed is dated 2/2/07
which is the date of when you sent me a modified file. However the one
you sent is 592kb and the one in the program is 610kb so I am assuming
that the correct one is in place. If you have any doubts please could
you attach the correct one for me to use.

David Spybey

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To all those who would like the help us test the Index 4x4 (David Spybey

and others):

We want to test an absolutely last minute change to support non-folio 
output on the Index 4x4.

        This is what I would like:

1) install 10.6 SR1 RC3 (note to David Spybey: we send you a changed 
version of dxemb.dll. Please uninstall 10.6, and you may need to
delete this one file. Then reinstall 10.6 SR1 RC3).

2) Copy the enclosed file myemb.elt into the directory containing your 
Duxbury software. This should be C:\Program Files\Duxbury\DBT 10.6
This is an additional file that is not part of the release. It has the 
effect of updating the Index 4x4 definition.

3) Try to produce non-folio interpoint output on A4 or 8.5 x 11 inch
See if full lines are lined up on the interpoint (is the registration 
Because we may not have many testers, if you only have A4 paper, run at 
least one page with A4 paper when you tell DBT that you have narrow 11
paper. If you only have  8.5 x 11 inch paper, then run one page saying
have A4 paper.

4) If you want to, please make sure that folio ouput works as well.

Please e-mail the results to this list or to me directly at

-- David Holladay
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