[duxhelp] Re: DBT Beta: More on screen corruption

  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 11:58:15 -0000

I can confirm Joanie's findings with my XP Home (SP2)
Toshiba laptop - My display adaptor is an NVIDIA GeForce4
420 Go (Toshiba)


From: Joanmarie Diggs [mailto:joanmarie.diggs@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 20 March 2006 19:28
To: George Bell
Subject: DBT Beta: More on screen corruption

Hi all.  When Peter indicated that the screen corruption
issue was a new one, I wasn't sure if he meant the
particular reported instance of the dialog box, or in
general.  Therefore, just in case, I present the following
for your consideration....  
1.  I created a new, simple print document in Duxbury, typed
some text out so that I had several lines, translated it
into braille and saved it.  That file is attached as
2. I quit Duxbury and relaunched it because I seem to see
the screen corruption upon opening braille files I receive
from folks.  
3. I resized the window so that not all of the braille would
fit on screen horizontally.  See the first screen shot in
the attached Word document.
4. I used the mouse to drag the horizontal scroll bar to the
right.  I immediately got screen corruption.  See the second
screen shot in the attached Word document (as an aside, when
I've seen screen corruption in other software, you can't
capture it in a screen shot.  I got these with a simple Alt
Print Screen. I'm not sure what that means <smile> but I
think it's worth noting)
5. I used the mouse to drag the horizontal scroll bar to the
left.  More screen corruption.  See the third screen shot in
the attached Word document.
Note that all this is taking place without any assistive
technology being used. Also, while the screen shots were
taken from my Desktop computer, I get very similar results
on my laptop computer so I don't think it's unique to one
particular card/setup.  Although both cards are based on the
ATI chipset.... Speaking of which:
Desktop Video Card: VisionTek Xtasy 9200SE 128MB (set to 32
bit color, 1280x1024, dual monitors enabled and in use)
Laptop Display Adapter: ATI Mobility Radeon X600 (set to 32
bit color, 1280x800)
Both computers are using the Windows XP theme modified (I
changed the background image on each).  Both systems have
JAWS 7.x on them, but not running at the time of this
In addition, both systems are running XP SP2, fully patched.
Desktop is Pro; laptop is Home.  Both systems have 1G RAM. 
I hope that's enough to go on.  If not, or you'd like me to
try something, let me know. 
Take care.

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