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  • From: "George Bell" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 01:36:58 -0000

I wonder if I could ask for some feedback on the hairy and complex
subject of Codes please?

I'm endeavouring to write simple explanations with examples, but
applying a logical grouping of Codes is tricky, as you may have seen
from comments on Duxuser.

I'm beginning with the premise that DBT Codes should only be used it you
are either, "totally back to the wall", or, are an experienced
transcriber who needs very precise formatting.

I won't say "Everything can be done via the normal DBT interface
menus.", but that's the way I believe most main stream users should

So, I'm trying to put myself in the mindset of someone preparing ANY
kind of document asking how things should be laid out in braille.

Bearing in mind that DBT is an Internationally sold product, my first
line of thought is that where special layout matters are concerned,
users should refer to their local braille authority.  BANA produce
Layout recommendations, as do BAUK here in Britain, as do many other
braille authorities.  I do NOT see it as Duxbury's task to spell out
how, for example, poetry should be laid out, even if it does contain
Styles which are principally American.

If there is no braille authority, and/or national recommendation of
layout, then I believe one usually finds that a country will follow
those of another country who do have formatting recommendations.

On that basis, might I be right then in thinking that the next real
question will be, "So how do I apply this way of formatting to my
braille document?"?  Indeed, am I also not right in thinking that 90% of
the questions that come up on Duxuser are of that nature?  "I want to
start with Roman numbers, then change to Arabic, and after the first
volume, I want a new file where the numbering continues from the last
volume.  Oh yes and I want different Headers and Footers on odd and even
pages, which change with the wind!"

I'd better also add that at this point, I'm just trying to cover
literary braille codes, not maths, or anything technical.

So, any comments on the following groupings?  t is a topic page on its
own, B is a Book which contains Topics.    Am I missing any broad Books.
I've not broken down the books, but can do if needs be.

  t - Manually Inserting
  t - Amending Codes
  t - Navigation Codes
  t - Finding & replacing Codes
  t - DBT Codes Quick Reference.
  B - Page and Numbering
  B - Paragraph
  B - Line
  B - Text
  B - Alignment
  B - Tabulation
  B - Translation
  B - Miscellaneous

I'd better warn you all that the Help file is now up to 3.5 Megabytes,
and there's still a lot of writing to do.  For these who want to see it,
I hope to have something half reasonable in a few days to a week.

All the best,

George Bell
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