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  • From: Mats Andrén <mats.andren@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 09:03:32 +0200


Yes, you are right. Lower/upper-case was the problem. Thanks a lot for pointing this out!

(In a way I find it undesirable to force renaming of "media files" (as opposed to "pure" wiki files), since they may be part of sets of files that have their own naming conventions not related to the wiki. This is the case for me, since the PDF documents in question are also available elsewhere, and changing the filenames makes it look like these files are not identical to the original ones. On the other hand, I'm not that good at the dokuwiki system yet, so I guess there might be good reasons behind this choice. Just a thought.)


Otto Vainio wrote:
Mats Andrén wrote:

I tried uploading a few PDF-files to the data/media/ directory with a FTP client rather than using the built in system (why is this indicated with a framed image in the tool bar?) and now dokuwiki tries to fetch these PDF documents from the cache. However, they are not in the cache and I only get "Not found" as a message on the screen.

I tried "touching" conf/local.php but that didn't help. Suggestions?

/M A

You should check that your pdf document filename is correct for docuwiki. Mostly the problems I had with this was that I forgot to set the filename to lowercase. Mediamanager shows the file, but you cannot load it from your wiki.

brgds Otto

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