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  • From: Thanos Massias <tm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 16:48:22 +0300

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Stephan Herrmann wrote:
>> The file sitemap.xml.gz will be used if $conf['usegzip?] = 1  (enabled /
>> the default). The file sitemap.xml will be used if ?usegzip? is
>> disabled. The creation of the file will happen as soon as you view one
>> page, as long as the file sitemap.xml.gz or sitemap.xml is empty. On
>> unix you can create it with 'cat /dev/null > sitemap.xml.gz'. The
>> ownership should match the user under which the webserver is running.
> As I wrote before, everything you described is done. I even tried to disable 
> gzip-compression. For that I put an empty sitemap.xml with 777-rights into my 
> root. This file is accessable from the web but remains empty.
> What can I do?

By 'root' you mean the webserver root or the DokuWiki basedir? If the
two don't match you have to use the later.

Another thing, if you use some template other than the default is to
make sure that its 'main.php' contains a line like:
<?php tpl_indexerWebBug(); ?>

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