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  • From: Ben Coburn <btcoburn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 16:35:56 -0700

On Oct 7, 2006, at 12:18 PM, Guy Brand wrote:

  The check shows "Old changelog exists." first time I load the start
  page. Reloading it, shows the same "Old changelog exists." message
  and also "Old changelog imported." and "Importoldchangelog plugin
  not disabled after import.", and do=recent is still empty. The
  plugin appears in the list, but is checked so still active.

  data/meta dir has been populated with *.changes files which contain
  proper information about changes. Only the "do=recent" page remains
  desperately empty.

  BTW, do=revision is okay, but feed.php also returns empty.

This indicates that the import functioned correctly. The current changelog system uses a new configuration option "recent_days" to determine which changes really are recent. It defaults to 7 days, so if nothing has changed in the past week the "Recent Changes" page and RSS feed will be empty after the import. During normal operation some of the most recent stale changes will be kept around if nothing has been edited in the past week.

The "recent_days" configuration option is part of the optimization of the new changelog system, so it should be set to a reasonably small number based on the rate at which the wiki is edited. Settings of up to 3-6 months may even be reasonable on very slow moving wikis.

Regards, Ben Coburn

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