[dokuwiki] Re: DokuWiki and LatexRender

  • From: Jan Tammen <jan@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 11:34:39 +0200

Anika Henke writes:

> Which resulted in 8 alterations: the 4 mentioned above by Jan Tammen + the
> one mentioned by Andi + the following remaining three:
> 6) in parser/handler.php in the class Doku_Handler_Block I added the new
> mode to the $blockOpen array
> 7) the same as above to the $blockClose array
> 8) in parserutils.php in function p_get_instructions($text) I added the
> following line (keeping to the example of LaTeX integration here):
>   $Parser->addMode('latex',new Doku_Parser_Mode_LaTeX());

Thanks for your hints Anika, I really missed these. But as I actually
wanted sth like

"this is a <latex>\LaTeX{}</latex>-test"

to be usable, I did not add the mode to the Doku_Handler_Block class,
but instead to the Doku_Parser_Formatting function in parser/parser.php.
That way it seems to work quite well, although there might be some
semantical mismatch, as the <latex>-tag does not really "format"
something ... hmm, or does it ;) I'm not quite sure.

Am I still missing sth else, Andi? If not, I'd go on and also write some
unit tests for the new syntax.


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