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I really wish I could update you guys on that =\ but I really don't know
what I should say honestly and it's really not my place since I work on
completely different stuff these days.

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Thanks Scott,

....pure nostalgia.

Any news on running DirectMusic on Vista? And what about Windows 7?

Jesper Kaae

> I've been building up a small following on Youtube playing music similar
> to
> what I did on the Dragonball Z cartoon show like 8-9 years ago.
> I decided to give the kids a taste of DirectMusic :)
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVjNRt9AaHQ
> Dunno how many views it'll get.  My non-DBZ related videos never do as
> well
> =P
> -Scott Morgan
> http://Morganstudios.com

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