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  • Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 12:04:12 -0500


hehe, I love these kind of things:

Remapping to a higher P-Channel starting in beat 1/measure 1 has no effect.

If you remap to p-channel 82 in your scenario it won't work.

-Scott Morgan

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> Hi Scott,
> I tried to do a quick repro of this and it seemed to work fine for me.
> I used 'Acousticgroove' in Demo8 and remapped pch81 to pch1 (with a
> different instrument assignment).  It picked up the new instrument on
> beat 1.  What's missing in my repro?  Do you have bands at the remap
> point?=20
> David Yackley (MS)
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> Subject: [directmusic] Remap problem
> I finally found a situation where I want to use the remapping feature
> (in the mute track), and its not working for me......
> The problem is remap doesn't work on if you start it on beat 1.  I think
> I may have whined about this before, but I didn't really care that much
> since I couldn't see why someone would want to do it from beat1.
> I don't think I can go into detail on why I need this to work, but it is
> a problem for me.
> -Scott Morgan
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