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  • Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 09:02:28 -0800

Yes, the conversion of music time to reference time is determined by the

If you are trying to sequence music as part of the Performance Layer,
then you really should be doing with your own track that is inserted
within a segment that can then have a tempo track. Then, you can take
advantage of all the DirectMusic technologies, like styles and
scripting, etc. And, the tempo is all taken care of for you.

But, it looks like you are working at a lower a level, essentially
writing your own sequencing engine, which is also what we expected some
people would want to do. In that case you don't need the performance at
all. But, one responsibility of a sequencing engine is to maintain its
own tempo map and do its own reference to music time conversions.


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Since Todor told me i can't get a periodic advise from the clock , i try
to use the ReferenceTime timestamp on my midi events.
But there is few things I want to know:
When the midi in port receive an event, I record it into a "Pattern"
(Own made) with the reference_Time given by the clock
      REFERENCE_TIME    rt;
      DWORD                   dwGroup;
      DWORD                   cb;
      BYTE*                   pb;
      while (m_pBuffer->GetNextEvent(&rt, &dwGroup, &cb, &pb) == S_OK)
            if (pb[0] != 0x1A && pb[0] != 0xFE)
                  CALL_EVENTS( MidiInEvent, (this, DMMidiEvent(rt,
dwGroup, cb, pb[0], pb[1], pb[2])) ); // here I create my MidiEvent and
call an event
      m_rtStartTime = m_pDirectMusic->GetMasterClock()->GetTime(&rt);
//this is for retrieve the time when record start
So after recording my Midievents I have to set the reference time
For (int I = 0; I < MyPattern.GetMidiEventCount(); i++)
      // assume pEvent is a valid MidiEvent in the list
            // --- Convert Current time to music time --- //
            MUSIC_TIME Mt     = 0;
Time, &Mt);
            // --- convert the Start Time to music time --- // 
            MUSIC_TIME StartMt      = 0;
      // --- Set the relative time --- //
      pEvent->reftime = pEvent->reftime - m_rtStartTime; //now I have a
relative time
            // --- Set the relative Musictime --- //
      pEvent->m_MusiTime = Mt - StartMt;
for playing I'm doing the same reversed function:
// assume pEvent is a valid MidiEvent in the list
REFERENCE_TIME rt       = 0;
      MUSIC_TIME MtOrigine    = 0;
MUSIC_TIME MtTotale     = 0;
MtOrigine = pEvent->m_MusiTime;
      MtTotale = StartMt + MtOrigine;
      //Convert total to REFERENCE_TIME
      // now send the event to the port
// assume dwMsg is a valid DWORD msg
      hr = m_pBuffer->PackStructured(rt, 1,dwMsg);
hr = m_pPort->PlayBuffer(m_pBuffer);
this work pretty well, the probleme is for playing, it play well but I
can't change the tempo,
if  I do:
// assume fTempo is ok
      hr = m_pDirectMusic->GetPerformanceInterface()->SetGlobalParam(
GUID_PerfMasterTempo, (void*)&fTempo, sizeof(float)); 
So My question is :
Why the tempo of the playback never change ? does the convertion from
MUSIC-TIME to REFERENCE_TIME is dependant of the performance tempo ?
If not what can I do ?
Please HELP !!!
Thanks in advance

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